The Colony Public Library

Exam Proctoring

Proctoring services at the Library

All customers needing proctoring service must schedule an appointment during regular business hours with a Librarian; the scheduled time must take into consideration the Librarian's normal duties.

In order to ensure that your needs are met, it is strongly advised that you request appointments at least one week ahead of the time that you are requesting.

The fee for this service is $15 per exam. Payment may be in the form of cash, check or money order; checks should be made payable to City of The Colony. Payment is to be made before the exam is administered.

If you would like to arrange for the Library to proctor an exam, please call 972-625-1900 ext. 3.

Customer responsibilities:

  • The customer must ensure that these policies are understood and acceptable to the educational institution issuing the exam.
  • The customer must ensure that the testing materials are requested and that they are received prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • The customer must notify the Librarian if any scheduling changes are needed.


The student must present a picture ID before taking the test.

Testing area:

The designated testing area is a Study Room.


If any documents need to be mailed in relation to the proctored exam, postage and envelopes need to be provided by the customer.


Cell phones are not permitted in the testing area during a test.


The Librarian might not be able to remain in the testing area during the entire testing period due to other duties.