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Chapter 12: The Transition Years

By the 1960’s and early 1970’s after years of supporting the early Peters Colonists and subsequent families the Blackland Prairie land in Bridges Settlement had largely become an area of abandoned fields and over grazed pasture land interspersed with a few fields of productive cotton and sorghum cropland.  The younger population had mostly moved away to the big cities and the remaining land owners were retiring and interested in selling their land (Environmental Impact Statement).  It was also during this time the electric and gas utility companies began to obtain land easements to build giant electric power and natural gas pipe lines.

It was at this time that another kind of land grant company was looking to encourage a different kind of settlement in the Bridges settlement area.  The next chapter of this story describes the change of a sparsely populated rural landscape into a modern suburban city that the Peters Colonist could have never imagined.