The Colony Public Library

Bridges to the Future

Written by Don Beckel; genealogical research by Alice Rufi


As a city, The Colony has a short history compared to its neighboring communities that have been in existence for over a hundred years. However, this does not mean the area of southeastern Denton County, within the city limits of The Colony, did not have a history of its own. The purpose of this paper is to document that history from its beginning, during the time of the Republic of Texas when it was the location of the first settlement in Denton County, until the birth of The Colony in the early 1970’s.

Chapter 1: Early North Texas History

Chapter 2: Peters Colony Company History

Chapter 3: Preston Trail

Chapter 4: Bridges Settlement

Chapter 5: Stewartsville

Chapter 6: Early Life for Bridges Settlement and Stewartsville

Chapter 7: Stewarts Creek Settlement

Chapter 8: Rector

Chapter 9: Camey Spur

Chapter 10: Lakes

Chapter 11: Eastvale

Chapter 12: The Transition Years